dwddwdwdwdwdwE’ un formaggio a pasta dura lavorato a latte crudo, il cui sapore varia in base alle erbe dei pascoli primaverili ed estivi. Per apprezzarne ogni sfumatura va assaggiato a diverse stagionature e periodi di produzione.

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"Podere al Sole" Farm Holidays

Località Le Prata - 67038 - Scanno (AQ)


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Only cheese MILK is used for cheeses production


* Raw milk: live milk

Our cheeses are processed with raw milk to keep intact all the nutritional characteristics of freshly minced milk, and its richness of flavors and aromas of our pastures. High-temperature milk processing eliminates all the flora and microorganisms that make milk a living food, forcing the addition of fermented cheese. The ferments, coming from selected strains, can not recreate the same richness and variety as the natural flora of milk. Traditional raw milk processing techniques, combined with strict compliance with hygiene rules, allow obtaining a safe, rich, nutritional and nutritionally complete product, such as milk, capable of giving the palate a variety of flavors and aromas that derive from the richness Of herbs present on our pastures. Raw milk is live milk, rich in flavors of our territory.

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