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In the territory of Scanno, at 1300 m above sea level, our farm is located.


The Cetrone Piero farm company is born with the aim of continuing the long family tradition that is handed down from generation to generation.

Since that day more than 10 years have passed since we dedicated to the production and the selling of cheeses.

Our farms are made up of 500 sheep, 60 goats and 30 cows of Italian red-headed pedigree registered in the genealogical book.

We produce soft-paste, hard-paste, and filate-pasta cheeses with seasonings that last up to 36 months.


All the processing is made exclusively with raw milk of our production.


During the summer, the animals are brought to the alpine pastures in our mountains up to 2000 m asl, with 400 hectares of pasture meadows.

Sheep and goat cheeses are produced from April to October, while cow cheeses throughout the year.

In the winter, animals are fed with corporate feed and certified BIO cereals.



All of our products have received Bio certification.











Our aim is to produce quality cheeses, with special attention paid to new nutritional and hygienic needs, but always remaining true to the traditional taste of Abruzzo.



We are present at various fairs and events around the country, contact us to find out where to find us.

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